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Over 30 Years of Discipleship, Healing, and Liberation

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                          Mission Statements

PURPOSE: We are a faith-based, donation-supported ministry with arms of friendship and compassion. We embrace those who are in jails, in prisons, on death row, handicapped, and HIV/AIDS afflicted, in nursing homes, in hospitals, and considered outcasts by society or just need help in any form. Our major focus is sharing the Gospel with these folks. They are then united with active, sincere, committed Christians (believers) so that God’s rich, pure love and His joy, peace, wisdom, forgiveness, blessings and understanding may be freely shared with these people. 





Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

God Liberates

The number of introductory letters being sent out every month radically increased to 100 by April, 1997. Later that year the Lord revealed that a day would come when our monthly mailings would jump directly from 100 to 300, and then leap to 1,000. (From the beginning in 1985 through the current time period we have reached out to over 10,000 people.)

Originally, the founder of the Liberator was the only one writing to those responding to the introductory letters. Then on October 20, 1994, the first of many volunteer writers was added to undertake this responsibility. As of January 1, 2001, the title “volunteer writer” was replaced with “Minister

of Correspondence.” Since early 1998 persons outside of prison have volunteered to process and mail our monthly introductory letters instead of just in-prison processing.

Fishers of Men

In mid-December of 1999, God made it abundantly clear that He was placing this ministry back upon the potter’s wheel to reshape it into a vessel better equipped to fulfill the magnified vision He was about to unveil. Within days the first of many revolutionary changes began to be revealed. Throughout the early part of the next year the Lord brought dedicated men to help us function more efficiently, installed organizational structure, and so very much more. In the afternoon of Memorial Day, 2000, God birthed the idea that we were to establish discipleship and training programs. A few minutes later He revealed that we were to begin a Bible school because far too many Born-again prisoners saw themselves as low-low- low class Christians. To dispel this lie and to stress that God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), the primary teaching materials would only be written by those who have been locked up.

Turn No Man Away...

The Lord impressed it upon our hearts in July 2000 that we needed to create a missions department. He stated that unless He clearly told us not to help in a specific need, we were never to turn anyone away. Instead, we were to prayerfully seek God’s wisdom in what He would have us do, then do it. He would provide whatever was needed. On December 15, 2000, the Liberator became legally recognized as “The Liberator International Ministries”, an interdenominational, volunteer-driven entity.

Our Team

The Earthly Founder & The Earthly Board Of Directors 

Michael Franz

Earthly Chairman

Michael is a retired college professor who has experience in non-profit activities. 

Rev. Ric Barko

Earthly General Manager/

Board Secretary

Elder O. L. Jackson

Pastor Richard Lee McGuire

Earthly Founder


Earthly Executive Director

God Almighty has given me the spirit of a LION. I follow the leading of, and am indwelt by, The LION of the tribe of Judah: Jesus. My name, "Richard," means--in part--"LION-hearted." Therefore that is what our Heavenly Father, through God the Holy Spirit, has empowered me to be.