Prison Ministry -

  States we are mailing to are: MI AZ

We embrace those who are in jails, in prisons, on death rows, handicapped, and HIV/AIDS afflicted, in nursing homes, in hospitals, and considered outcasts by society or just need help in any form. 

It has begun.  Our reentry ministry has begun to receive referrals from the Kent County Parole Office, Grand Rapids Police Department, other non-profit organizations working with returning citizens and individuals who have relatives, or friends who need help. 

We also have our first volunteer to guide homeless and less fortunate people to us for potential assistance.  And now we are up to four godly volunteers helping us grow in God's grace. We try to help everyone in any way possible.  So does God in our lives. Please keep this ministry in prayer.

11/9/18 We now have four volunteers helping us in various ways to connect with those in prison looking for friendship and guidance as they deal with the consequences of their error in life.

To donate to this 501 (c)(3) organization go to the EVENTS page.  God Bless You!


"In 1995, as I sat in jail facing 40 years for a crime I didn't commit, I decided to kill myself. The very day I planned to do this, I received a letter from [The Liberator International Ministries] which told me how I could partake of the Gift of Salvation. I'd actually accepted that Gift when I was 11, but by age 14 I'd turned away from God. Thirty years later my heart was moved to follow that letter's instructions, and I renewed my relationship with Him. Throughout the two-plus decades since that day, I've led several prisoners and guards to the Lord, taught oodles of Bible studies, stopped many suicides, and began an evangelistic letter-writing ministry to quite a number of this nation's incarcerated."

Yvonne M.


"As I awaited trial in 1997, I was scared to death and felt like ending my pain and suffering right that instant by killing myself. But that was when [The Liberator International Ministries] reached out to me, letting me know that God loved me and they did too. They told me so much about the Lord that it stuck like glue. As a result, on June 1, 1999, I prayed for Jesus to come into my life. In 2002 God told me to study and become a pastor. It's been my privilege to have held many services since then."

  • Ron S.


Dated 8/14/18 "I have been going through a lonely time for about the last year. I am very interested in you providing me with a correspond with."  Antonio A.

Dated 8/20/18 "I've been kind of alone throughout my prison time.  I would like to start new friendships....God has never left me."  Anthony A.

Dated 8/24/18 "I am happy, more than I can say. I have been praying the Lord over and over again for someone to write [me].  I have been [feeling] so alone on the inside. I just want to do the right thing all the time - I love life and I love people.  Lee A.  P.S.  I want to have the life God wanted for me. I truly felt in my heart that no body loved me."

Dated 8/31/18 "I got this letter in the mail it was very unexpected but I suppose much needed honestly.  Hopefully I can build some true bonds. My best friend is in need of some real friends also so please write her."  Monee A.

Dated 10/1/18 "I would like to thank you for taking [an] interest in me. I would love to meet someone to build a friendship with."  Andre A.

Dated 10/7/18  "I'm ready to go "treasure hunting" for that richest treasure of all, FRIENDSHIP." Anthony A.

Dated 10/11/18  "There was no real structure in my family growing up. No one went to church.  I have made bad decisions in my life and had no relationship with God. I am looking to build a relationship with God.  Twenty-three years incarcerated now and I am ready to tell my story with God's help."  Robert M.