Revelation 3:20 - What is your relationship with Jesus?  Or with others? Deep? Shallow? Indifferent? What? With Jesus, if it isn't your all it is nothing.  Withholding yourself in any relationship is uncaring and selfish.  Jesus is the standard.  Don't hold back.  Be a blessing to others and trust Him to lead you into growing relationships with Him and others. 9/17/18

Matthew 14: 24-27 - It is about struggles.  And Jesus will come to help when He is ready - after we are ready to receive Him and His help.  When we finally realize we cannot do it ourselves, when we are willing to submit to Him and His power and authority over all things, including us. Praise the Lord! 9/18/18

Philippians 1: 3, 4 - Our prayers of intercession matter to God. They get us focused on others - a good thing.  Wherever you are - wherever they are, lift up friends, relatives, enemies and God will bless you.  Thank you Lord! 9/19/18

John 15: 18-23 - What a friend we have in Jesus!  God loves us.  Satan hates us. Perfect!!!!  Have a blessed day! 9/20 18

1 Timothy 4: 14-16 - Paul taught Timothy much.  This lesson we all need to heed.  This is how we fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19, 20.  Ponder this.  God Bless!  9/21/18

John 5: 19-21 - "We know" John writes. and "Little children" he calls us.  What do little children know?  God is. Trust. Love, His protection when we walk with Him, when we are in His presence.  And Jesus Christ.  Little children are always accepted by our Father.  Matthew 19:14 & 23:37. Also, John 12:36.  Be a child.  9/22/18

Romans 2: 21 - One verse in this message on our sinfulness.  Some forget the personal lesson we learn, teach, & relearn when we teach others.  This is lesson of humility - not boasting in how much we think we know.  Share His Word boldly!  Have a blessed day!  9/23/18

Psalm 5:3 - This Psalm teaches us to begin every day in prayer.  His presence in our lives replaces worry and fear.  Morning prayer guides our day with Him.  His peace will fill our soul.  Have a blessed day! 9/24/18

Psalm 116: 1-9 - This is my reason for loving God.  What is yours?  Express His love!  God bless you! 9/25/18

Galations 6:9,10 - We may think our efforts don't matter as we tire of seeing no results when helping others.  God sees it all! He nurtures our planting. Don't be wearied.  Keep doing and God will  bless you!  Have a blessed day! 9/27/18

1 Kings 19: 1-18 - What are we doing here? God asked Elijah and now He is asking us.  He loves us too much to leave us where we are and were.  And it is difficult at times when we are changing into a better person in Christ.  Conformation from this world is transformation into Christ.  Praise the Lord! 10/8/18